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The official poll for guests at Checkers and Rally is called Guestobsessed. Answers to the Guest Obsessed Survey at are useful for market research and figuring out how happy customers are.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Guestobsessed job is to help businesses figure out what their customers like and don’t like so they can keep making changes based on that information.

The Checkers & Rally Receipt Survey asks about things like the food, how clean the place is, and how helpful the staff is.

Thanks for your help. If you fill out our customer happiness survey, we’ll give you a coupon for a free sandwich.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Take Guest Obsessed Survey

How to Take Guestobsessed Survey

Because the poll is online, people who want to fill it out must have a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet. To play, you’ll also need a Checkers and Rally ticket.

  • To finish the poll, just follow these steps:
  • Kindly go to
  • Use the shop number on the ticket. Type this code into the box that’s there.
  • The “start” button needs to be pressed.
  • Please let us know if you drove or walked up to place your order.
  • You can pick the time of day.
  • After that, you will be asked some easy questions about your time at Rallies and Checkers.
  • Please don’t rush when you answer these questions.
  • Fill in the blanks with your thoughts.
  • Write down what you had for dinner.
  • The poll is now closed.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Take Guest Obsessed Survey

Benefits and Rewards

You will get a good offer for one FREE SANDWICH with your big order after you finish this Checkers poll.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

  • They must be legal residents of one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia.
  • You must be an adult.
  • You can fill out the poll three days after you buy something.
  • You can only use one voucher per purchase.
  • Online, you can send it as many times as you want.
  • This ticket can be used for 30 days.
  • You need a validation code and the original ticket.
  • In any case, you can’t get cash for coupons.
  • It is not allowed for employees and staff.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Take Guest Obsessed Survey

About Guestobsessed Survey

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. is one of the largest groups of double drive-thru restaurants in the United States. At first, the restaurant company had two separate businesses, Checkers and Rally. Checkers served the Southeast, and Rally served the Midwest.

The restaurant chain, which opened in 1983 as Checker’s and changed its name when it bought Rally’s in 1999, is famous for its fast food, such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, shakes, frozen sweets, and more.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey

They will treat you better and save you time and money if you eat at one of these places a lot. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, so you can be sure that our services are the best. There is live proof of this in more than 900 places in the United States.

Online reviews from hundreds of happy customers have also been posted. We also offer food prizes as an incentive for customers to fill out the poll.

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Guestobsessed Survey On Social Media


The Guestobsessed poll for Checkers and Rally can be found on its own website (

You can share your ideas with the company in exchange for a discount coupon at this link right now if you’ve ever eaten at one of their restaurants. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to post them below.

After going to a Checkers or Rally in the United States and getting a receipt, go to and fill out an online poll to get a coupon for a free meal.

Guestobsessed Survey FAQs

  • Question – What kind of ties do Rally and Checkers have to each other?

Answer – Before, both of these food industries worked on their own. Since the two companies have joined together, you can use the same coupon at any place to get the same discount.

  • Question – What do I get when I ‘nick the box?

Answer – At the end of the poll, you’ll get a discount code. Show this discount code at the restaurant to get a free lunch.

  • Question – Can I use my discount at any store in the Rally and Checkers plazas?

Answer – Yes, always eat lunch at a business branch if this company owns one.

  • Question – What about that money-based incentive?

Answer – The Checkers and Rally will not give you money. We’d like to thank you for your help by giving you a sandwich.

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